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A busy winter break meant that I haven’t had the time to write a summary of this incredible year until now.

I got to visit and ride on completely new parts of the world, compete in my first race and get a real taste for off-road. I feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to spend such a year on bikes and exploring.

13 days on track:
– 4 days at Willow Springs
– 3 days at Dijon
– 2 days at Mugello
– 2 days at Franciacorta
– 1 day at Anneau du Rhin
– 1 day at Bresse

5 days off-road in Morocco.
1 endurance race.


2 days at Willow Springs


Evening training at Anneau du Rhin

Explored Jordan


Rode through Morocco

Raced in our first 2hr Endurance race and finished 18th.


Weekend at Franciacorta


Unforgettable weekend at Mugello

Rallying with friends


A quick day at Bresse


2 days at Willow Springs

I hope this year will be as good, if not better!

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