2018 Prep #3 – Endurance

Written by 479

At the end of July we’ve planned to head to Magny-Cours for a weekend on track and to once again watch the 500 mile endurance race organised by FVP. We would have liked to compete this year but sadly we weren’t prepared enough and left our decision too late. Next year we have every intention of participating.

This year’s event will provide us with another opportunity to learn more about the race and the preparation of the teams and additionally, there are night sessions available!
This will allow us to practice the track at night, which we would usually have no opportunity to do. Ultimately this means we need lights on the bike.

I didn’t want to mount the OE lights back on as these are mounted directly to the bodywork, which would not work with the fibreglass race fairings, so I bought an LED fog light and projector and planned to make my own mounting structure for them.

I made a new bracket out of Aluminium, which sits underneath the front sub-frame, that can be used to mount all the headlights. I also decided to cut off some of the fairing mount holes and structure as I no longer use them due to one side breaking off already.

The main beam is centrally mounted and the low beam is on the LHS mounted with its own bracket.

I cut a hole in the bodywork and made a clear plastic screen out of PET, which follows the curves on the bodywork rather well.
The OE switch cube was remounted to control the headlights but I do have plans to make my own bespoke unit to eliminate horn and indicator switches.

To further prepare the bike for future endurance racing I’ve taken the time to secure all fluid ports on the bike; this is a regulatory requirement for most races to reduce the chance of any fluids spilling on track in the event of a crash. The following has been secured:
– Oil drain plug.
– Oil fill cap.
– Oil filter.
– Coolant fill cap.

I drilled a hole in the OE sump plug and the Lightech oil fill cap comes pre-drilled.

The oil filter has been secured using the standard jubilee clip method, while radiator cap has been drilled.

My previous GoPro mounting positions on the bike were often obstructing to me and quite vulnerable, so I’ve come up with a new position in front of the gauge cluster which is much more discrete and hidden.

Here is the finished result before my outing:

2 thoughts on “2018 Prep #3 – Endurance

  1. Tim says:

    What did you use for the seat pad and the grip for the tank?

    • 479 says:

      Grip on the tank is an R&G kit. The foam on the seat is adhesive foam I found, but I’m not sure from where it came.

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