Circuit de Bresse September 2016 Track Day – Continued

Written by 479

We arrived at the track late Friday night and set up camp for the next two days. With the cars I usually do just a single day and even then it could only be a 3-6 hour OPL format which means the whole event is over quite fast, but with a full 2 day event things need to be prepared a bit better. Luckily the guys have a bit of experience with this and have a decent setup. The Van is borrowed from work but they have a nice gazebo (essential to fight the sun, which we had all weekend), table and chairs, tent and some food appliances like a grill and fridge. It was nice to spend the evenings at the track camping and cooking.

I slept in the tent while the other two bunked in the van. It was nice to wake up to bikes warming up.

As mentioned in the previous post the bikes that accompanied mine at Bresse were Dionysis’ Aprilia RSV Mille (ridden by Francesco) and Argyris’ Aprilia Tuono, both gen 1. So we all had quite similarly aged bikes from the late nineties; a bit of an old-schooled pit.

Argyris’ Tuono has been a slow evolution over many years, bringing it up to the 1000R Racing spec and even further. A feature on it will be coming soon.

Argyris managed an impressive 1:40 best lap considering its a 14 year old design with high miles and about 80hp down on the superbikes.

If you watched the video I posted on the previous post you may have noticed that the RSV Mille had a little bit of an off and met with the gravel trap. Luckily no real damage was done and it’s all cosmetic. The various crash protectors really did their job. Before the crash Francesco managed a 1:51 best; first time on the bike and adjusting to a completely new riding position.

Hopefully I’ll be back at the track with bike sooner rather than next year, or at least with the Great Danton if it’s ready before the snow comes!

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