GD V2 – Part 22

Written by 479

The final preparations are being carried out on the car before I can give it a test drive, so in the meantime I thought I would highlight all the engine specs and parts for those interested (parts not mentioned are OE, and I’m sure I’ve missed things):

ACL Race crank bearings
ACL Race big-end bearings
Apex Performance conrods
Wossner 86.5mm 8:1 pistons

Tomei 256 Poncams intake and exhaust
Custom rocker shims
Cometic 1.1mm head gasket
Apex Performance rocker arm stoppers

Front mount intercooler with custom piping
Apexi Power Intake filter

Garrett GT2871R turbo 0.64AR
XS Power tubular manifold
Japspeed downpipe
3.5″ catback with decat

Walbro 255 fuel pump
Nismo 740cc (JECS) injectors
AEM fuel pressure regulator

Billet oil sandwich plate
Thermostatic oil filter relocation block
Mocal oil cooler
Driftworks Supercool alu radiator

Apex Performance alu pulley kit
ACT Performance clutch kit
AH Fabrications oil catch tank
Apex Performance short shifter

After the mapping session I also checked the valve clearances again as everything has bedded in a bit and should have settled. Unfortunately the clearances are a bit higher than I would like which explains the elevated valvetrain noise, and will no doubt cause accelerated wear on the cams. Valvetrain is something that I have limited experience with and have a lot to learn; I assumed that the clearances would close up a bit after the valves have set in their seats but instead the clearances opened up a bit which means other parts have settled.

Also, I had to change the fuel pressure regulator to an AEM unit, as the “Aeromotive” unit started leaking. It was probably some Chinese knock-off unit, despite it not being that cheap. The good thing is that AEM unit is much smaller and nicer.

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