GD V2 – Part 12

Written by 479

Still waiting for parts so I carried on with other chassis work and a little bit of engine prep. I’m going to be running an oil cooler this year and don’t like the oil filter sandwich plates, so I’ve got an adapter block and a thermostatic oil filter relocation kit. I’ve also mounted the additional oil pressure sensor for the new gauge.

I also made a rough balancing jig just to check the crank. Its quite crude and the bearings are quite small but it works surprisingly well. The crank is well balanced as an accurate scale could not measure any weight due to imbalance. I should leave it as is on the window sill as it makes for a nice sculpture.

Stripped and repainted the cam cover too. It was a tough decision to choose a colour, but I haven’t seen many yellow SRs. Plus it will go well with the green and yellow accents.

And finally more chassis prep; cut up the left hand of the frame for more patch work. Hopefully it will all be ready soon for some painting.

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