GD V2 – Part 5

Written by 479

Engine is out and now the work can really start. The engine was removed with the transmission, and also gear stick, which made it a tough task but luckily it just squeezed out. Next steps are to remove the transmission and load the engine onto the stand and begin disassembly. At the moment I am still not fully aware of what I will upgrade as I’m going to analyse the condition of the components as I go along. Bottom end will likely be all forged with new bearings but I’m still unsure about the top end.

With the engine out I can also start work in the engine bay; a lot of repair and tidying up is necessary. There is corrosion between the rails and the strut panel which I will replace, and various areas of surface rust. I will also paint as much of the engine bay as I can once its all repaired. There are also a lot of unnecessary parts in the engine bay that have been left over such as air conditioning lines and fuel tank vent lines which will be removed or trimmed. I may also trim the battery tray out with the battery now being located in the boot.

I received a few additional components for the build. Nismo 740cc injectors and an Apexi PowerFC D-Jetro.

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