GW x GTM Racing: Franciacorta June 2019

Written by 479

Another year, another track day at Franciacorta. GTM Racing’s Archie and Dio joined me for a swelteringly hot weekend in the Brescian countryside. The temperatures were guaranteed to remain above 30C for the entire time with no clouds in sight, but it didn’t dampen our enthusiasm.

2 simple days of grouped sessions, each with roughly 5 outings per day. Franciacorta is a track we are all very familiar with now, which meant we could comfortably work on our pace from the beginning.
Our choice of group-level might not have been the most optimal, as we had a reasonable amount of traffic over the 2 days, but I hate to admit I sometimes enjoy overtaking a few people.

Archie’s Tuono received a few upgrades over the winter, which included new higher performance rotors and a complete revamp of the clutch’s hydraulic system, improving its reliability.

By the end of the weekend, we had all smashed our personal bests; I managed to drop my PB by half a second down to a 1:17.781, Archie even further to an outstanding low 1:17.7 and Dio reached the mid 1:18s.
It’s staggering for me to think sometimes that despite us taking part in many track days over the past few years, we are still able to make such huge gains at every outing!

Here’s the onboard video of my best lap of the weekend:

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