2019 PREP #2

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I decided to perform a couple final modifications before the 2019 season got underway to improve front brake performance.
On the 2004-2005 model years of the CBR1000RR the OE front rotors are 310mm in diameter. This is on the small side compared to modern standards and I’ve often felt that the front system was lacking in power, especially when slick tires are mounted.
The Brembo PR 18/19 front master cylinder has improved the feel considerably but it didn’t do much in the power department.

From 2006 onwards the Fireblade came equipped with 320mm rotors, so I had options to increase in size but I instead decided to go full out and opt for a 330mm front rotor.
Fortunately the older generation CBR954RR was blessed with 330mm rotors with the exact same bolt pattern and offset, which meant they fit perfectly.

To space out the calipers I made some bespoke 10mm caliper spacers out of Aluminium bar.

As the caliper now sits further away from the fork drop-out, the bolts also need to be extended. I managed to find the perfect replacement bolts from Suzuki, for the GSX-R and Hayabusa, which are M10x70x1.25.

I decided to go for BRAKING rotors, as Brembo does not offer any aftermarket parts for the 954RR, and so far I’m quite impressed.
They are thicker than the OE rotors, and of course larger in diameter, yet they weigh the same. Approximately 1470g each.

Next thing to do is to clean the bodywork and then start the season.

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