SC57/1 – UPDATE 4

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I did say that UPDATE 3 was going to be my last of this season, but a few parts planned for this winter came early so I decided to mount them.

First off I have a new home for the bikes after storing them either in a friend’s garage or in my courtyard. It wasn’t easy to find something in Bern, but it has electricity and is basically heated due to the presence of a boiler nearby warming the walls.

My plan from the beginning was to try and upgrade this Japanese motorbike with Italian components, so in keeping with this theme I’ve got some Bonamici Racing rear sets – Race version. My original foot-pegs were in a terrible condition with missing heel guards and bent levers.

The kit is quite nice, but requires a little bit of fettling to make it work. On the LH side the shift pivot is short and needs to be spaced out to clear the water pump and the fairing also needed to be cut for clearance.

The biggest difference here is the GP shift, which is going to take a little bit to get used to.

On the RH side no modifications were required. I did notice that I could also remove the rear brake switch and wiring for reduced weight, which I’ll likely carry out over this winter.

It might need a bit of setting up still, but I have an open pit-lane track day at Franciacorta to do this.

And finally I took a couple of plastic covers off the bike which surround the HESD unit:

Tomorrow, two days at Franciacorta.

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