SC57/1 – UPDATE 3

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This should be the final update of 2017 before the winter break. The bike has been slowly progressing from almost stock at the beginning of the year to only slightly less stock; I’ve been keeping the modifications limited and only necessary as I learn about this bike and riding.

Before the last track day at Magny-Cours I fitted new race front fairings but had a couple of issues with them, which I’ve tried to address this time round.

The paint I applied was a plastic based paint, which I thought would be ideal in reducing the amount of chips and scratches during use. It unfortunately did not respond well to the exhaust heat, which was also way to close and even contacting the fairing in places.

You can see here the effect of the exhaust heat on the glass fibre:

I stripped the paint off and went for a more standard acrylic paint for automotive use. Additionally I added some heat shielding in the form of these self-adhesive blankets, with an Aluminium out layer to reflect the heat and radiation and fibre glass core for insulation.

Two additional small upgrades were the fuel and oil cap; a LighTech Fuel Tank Cap would allow me to refuel without needing the key, and a LighTech Oil Filler Cap will allow me to lock wire for safety and to meet racing requirements.

Some final shots of the bike for this year:

I’ve got a few plans this winter to further improve the bike in terms of weight reduction and suspension; we’ll see how they pan out.

2 thoughts on “SC57/1 – UPDATE 3

  1. Enrico says:

    Looking very pro!!!

    • bmc says:

      Thanks! Slowly, slowly.

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