SC57/1 – 2017 Update 1

Written by 479

Even though it feels like the season has just started I’ve already done 4 days on track. I haven’t really touched the bike in between so it was time to give it a thorough clean and check.

Flapper Valve Mod
I performed the flapper valve disconnect mod, which is very popular on this bike, to improve mid range drive-ability. I also removed the components which control the valve for weight reduction, except for the solenoid and flapper in the air duct as these require access to the air-box.

Even though the front bodywork is relatively well secured I decided to add fasteners to the mirror mounts to make it a bit safer, and for some additional bling. I also removed some additional brackets I found under the passenger seat for weight reduction.

Brembo PR 18/19 Front Master Cylinder
I’ve had this mounted for a couple of track days now but didn’t really mention it. I was having some issues at Franciacorta with the front braking system where the lever would travel all the way to my fingers during hard braking. I bled the system multiple times and reseated the calipers to no avail, so I decided to swap the OE master cylinder with the Brembo PR 18/19 unit, which instantly solved my problems.

Despite both master cylinders being radial the Brembo PR 18/19 M/C is a definite improvement over the original Nissin unit. I didn’t think something as simple as a master cylinder could vary so much but the feel and precision of the Brembo unit is far superior.

As you may notice I also had a lever protector, but it fell off after about 2 laps on track. Will probably get something a bit more reliable and of higher quality.

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