SC57/1 – 2017 Season Prep

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Winter is slowly coming to a close so this weekend was a great opportunity to get the bike ready for the season ahead, with our first track day taking place in just 2 weeks time at Franciacorta. The CBR1000RR has had little to no work done on it so far, so it was time for a basic service and a couple of upgrades.

Oil change with Motorex Synthetic 10w-40 oil and a genuine Honda oil filter.

The front brake pads were coming to an end, so I decided to replace these with some Brembo SC pads.

The biggest upgrade was the replacement of the front rubber brake lines with proper braided ones from Motacc. Their kit for the SC57 replaces the T-junction with 2 full lines from the master cylinder to the calipers; Motorex DOT 4 racing brake fluid was used. The lines, coupled with the new pads and brake fluid, have made an instant improvement to the brake lever firmness. Looking forward to trying it out on the track.

Other basic changes were removing the rear passenger pegs and the license plate holder.

I found a bit of a surprise when I removed the bodywork; the previous owner had done a bit of a mess wiring in the Rizoma indicators and LP light, so I decided to tidy everything up.

I added little tags to the wires so I would know where each one goes, and then re-shielded the wires as some were actually exposed. I transferred the Shido Lithium battery from the X-11 over to the CBR as it’s not ideal for everyday use, so there is now a bit of weight saving happening on the SC57 too.

All nice and tidy:

I also added some front axles protectors, crash bobbins and swing-arm bobbins, all from R&G.

And finally, I got an additional set of spare wheels on which I’ve mounted used Pirelli SuperBike slicks; 120/70 SC1 front and 200/60 SC2 rear.

Dat ass:

We’re ready to go!!

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