SC57/1 1000RR

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I never thought I would be buying a second bike so quickly after the first but I came across a very good deal for a CBR1000RR ’05 and couldn’t really ignore it. It’s everything I currently need; a cheap sport bike to practice track riding. The good thing is that it’s already been crashed so I don’t need to worry about doing it myself, but luckily it is only cosmetic with both sides having cracked fairings.

Technically the bike has some good standard equipment which means I won’t go spending more money on it (famous last words) such as inverted forks, radial calipers, more than enough power for me and an aftermarket exhaust. It’s plenty of bike for me to start learning performance track riding, in a more race oriented body position compared to the X-11.

First things first I cleaned the whole bike as the previous owner had neglected it. Then I weighed the bike to see what the starting point is, which seems to be the norm for me now.

Kerb Weight (Full Tank): 207 kg
Front Weight: 109 kg
Rear Weight: 98 kg
Front Weight Percentage: 52.7%

The parts which needed immediate attention on the bike were the tyres as they’d be worn out down the middle from motorway riding. These got swapped with Metzler Racetec RR in K3 compound. I also taped up all the cracked bodywork for the time being, but the plan is to eventually get some new unpainted fairings and rid the bike of the Repsol theme.

As mentioned previously the bike only has a couple of modifications such as exhaust, which is a LeoVince SBK silencer in titanium, and the rear license plate module with one from Rizoma, with Rizoma LED indicators at the rear and flush LEDs at the front.

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