GD V2 – Part 16

Written by 479

Tomei 256 Poncams arrived so I was able to finish off the internals. I still need to do the valve clearances, which I am currently sorting out now, but I’ll cover that in a more detailed post due to the issues I faced.

Finished off the bottom end with the various baffles and sumps. If I drop anything now its going to be more tricky to get out!

XS Power tubular manifold and a new Garrett GT2871R turbo, all plumbed with braided turbo lines. The lines were actually one of the first things I changed on the car after the original hard lines broke. I think they’re plumbed correctly but people run then in either direction, which I don’t think it matters.

The vacuum line from the valve cover is pretty much touching the manifold, which I am going to have to sort out somehow.

Intake manifold and water lines also went in. As I’m running the oil filter sandwich plate I no longer have the oil to water heat exchanger, so I’ve had to reroute lines around to omit it.

Once the shims are made and back in I’ll be taking the engine off the stand and start to put the clutch and transmission back on and hopefully the engine will be back in soon!

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