GD V2 – Part 13

Written by 479

A few important parts have arrived which means I could continue with the rebuild. I cleaned up the crank and replaced the chain sprocket with a new one. There was quite a bit of wear on the old one as can be seem in the photo; the tooth thickness is noticeably smaller than on the new one.

I then reassembled the crank into the block with new ACL Race main bearings and Lucas Oil Assembly Lube, and then torqued everything up.

I’m still waiting for the oversized pistons to arrive so I decided to carry on with what I could.

New chain, tensioner and guide were installed and set, then replaced the cover with the oil pump with a new crank seal. I checked and cleaned the oil pump and it was in great condition so didn’t change anything there.

I decided to install the water pump as well just so I could see the new light weight Aluminium pulleys.

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