GD V2 – Part 10

Written by 479

The engine components are now at the specialist to get reworked and they are already making progress. Chain cover cleaned and they are now working on the block. The cylinders are going to be over bored after they were found to be just outside the tolerance for roundness, while the wear was within limit. So they are being bored to 86.5mm and I will run oversize pistons.

After the head was inspected they were able to tell why one cylinder was down on compression; apparently one of the valve seals was worn and leaking, so after they clean the head they will sort the valve seals out too, as I’ve given them all the valvetrain.

As soon as I find time to measure the crank I will finally be order all the internal components and begin the rebuild process.

In the meantime additional progress was made on preparing the engine bay for some repair work. Front braking system and shocks are out and I’ve cleaned up the removed EVAP system piping. Its now all been shortened and loops around at the firewall.

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