GD V2 – Part 2

Written by 479

I’m back in Italy for the winter holidays so I’ve got plenty of time to finally work on the Great Danton. While waiting for the engine crane to arrive I’ve been taking care of other areas on the car. With the old turbo out I decided to dismantle everything off it, as parts like the braided lines, turbo elbow and wastegate actuator will be transferred to the new turbo. I will be upgrading the exhaust manifold to a tubular type in an effort to increase power and reduce weight at the same time.

Super happy the new turbo arrived; GT2871R. Along with APR head studs and rocker arm stoppers.

With the car slowly becoming more and more track oriented, and the fact that I only used it on track and occasionally on the street throughout the whole year, I decided to further strip the interior. The sound system is coming out and any non essential items: interior lights, rear wiper and spray, and random brackets for the interior and seat mounting.

Other than the battery the boot is pretty much empty now. After standing back and looking at the now completely empty rear interior it made me realise why many people cut and tube the rear of the car; the rear of the chassis just seems there to support itself and the lights now.

This is what has been taken out so far (much of the sound system is still to come out) and it must all weigh around 20kg. Hopefully there is a lot more that can come out.

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