Time Attack Italia 2015 – Imola

Written by Balang Project

Imola finally arrived and went. Awesome event, awesome track, awesome everything. From the previous outing only a couple of changes were made to the car: canards as posted earlier and a Gizzmo electronic boost controller. The latter was a great addition as it gives me so much more freedom to my previous setup, and allowed me to switch between boost settings for each session. In the practice runs I ran a relatively stock 0.8bar and then upped it to 1.0 bar just for the superlap, which equates to roughly 2-3 seconds a lap difference.

This time the weather was great all day, mildly warm and dry all day so I managed to run on the R888s on all corners this time. The track is complex and longer than the rest so it took a while to learn and get used to. I shaved a whopping 18 seconds from the first session to the super lap, with more room for improvement.

Brakes were an issue at this event even though its not a brake heavy circuit. The rear pads that I had installed the night before the event were completely finished by the end of the second session! Unbelievable, but thats what you get for choosing OEM pads for the track. Next time I’ll have to upgrade to something a bit more appropriate particularly because the race is at Monza.

So I decided to miss the third session, being only 15 minutes long, and save what I had left on the pad and disc for the super lap.


The best time in the end was a 2:12.273, which was only 0.6 seconds shy of first place, which yielded me third place. Incredibly close between the top 3; it was a great fight that went down to the last lap of the super lap!

Jacopo Battisti 2:11.67x
Achilleas Adamidis 2:11.76x
Me 2:12.273

Really hope I can come back to this track sometime soon as it is immense fun and challenging to master.

Next up Monza. As its in less than two weeks the car will be the same, apart from pads, but I hope with the added power compared to previous events to be able to keep up with the S2000s on the straights. Luckily it’s a track that I’ve driven quite a few times now so it should allow me to push and perfect from early on.

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