Frankenstein’s X1/9

Written by Balang Project

This wild creation took me and I’m sure a lot of people by surprise the first time they saw it. I wasn’t even sure what it was until someone told me. Once a FIAT X1/9, now a mad time attack/hill climb beast. The amount of character infused in this machine was incredible; you can see the long and laborious development of the car like counting the seasons on a cut tree trunk. New parts bolted onto others and plastered everywhere to improve the performance of the car.

The owner of the car must have been in his sixties but looked to be as passionate and enthusiastic about building and racing his creation as a teenager.

The most striking things about the car, other than the entire thing itself, were the numerous aero additions. The whole front had been reshaped into a proper wedge, with two striking “sails” on the front. These were controlled with what I believe were cables off the steering wheel to guide the car through turns like rudders!

White at the back a bordello of wings and winglets making up this gargantuous sculpture of a spoiler. DRS style activation with what I presume to be more cables operated from the cabin. The interior was an organised mess of wires, levers and mechanisms to operate all the dynamic aero. The wings mounted onto wings was almost amusing but boy was this thing fast.

The power came from a naturally aspirate R1 engine, helping with the extreme light weight nature of the car. Hearing it scream went perfectly with the overall appearance of the car.

Years of racing and modifications have taken a toll on what was the original frame, and condition. There was so much going on that he was probably the only man in the world that new what was what and how it worked.

Seeing creations like these really does put a smile on your face and shows you that no matter what visions you have, you should just do it. Fuck it, its awesome. Put another little wing on it, or small invention. This thing was like a brain storm gone hurricane. I expect it to have something new at the next round of Time Attack.

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