Dakar 2012 – OSCar eO Team Latvia

Written by Balang Project

If you’ve been watching the Dakar you might have seen this OSCar eO, Dakar’s first electric car entry. Total range with batteries and the back up generator is 800km, making it just enough for a typical Dakar stage. The electric motor’s nominal and peak power is 150 kW and 235 kW, with a nominal and peak torque of 400 Nm and 800 Nm giving it a top speed of around 140 km/h. I wonder how long it’ll be until battery technology has advanced enough to ditch the Nissan V6 powered generator.

It’s a promising first attempt at an electric rally-raid car and like the Nissan Leaf RC it gives an interesting insight to the future of motorsport.

[Photo: OSCar]

[Photo: OSCar]

[Photo: OSCar]

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