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After a busy few weeks building this year’s FSAE car, the CR07, we headed down to Llandow circuit to begin testing. It’s a very small and simple circuit but the great thing about this place is that it’s layed back and extremely cheap, £80 will let you run all day on the main circuit, £35 for the kart track.

Testing that day was this very interesting one-off prototype. Designed and home built to run in a 2000cc Open Sports class.

The amount of work and effort they must have put in to manufacture most of the car is admirable and they’ve included some very interesting designs…

… like this complex rear suspension designed many years ago in F1 to eliminate jacking. The wheelbase is comtrolled by 2 trailing arms while the 2 red links control the centering of the solid upper suspension “arm”. The top solid suspension “arm” can twist and rotate to give independent suspension travel, but I’m not sure if I even understand it. They’ve also equipped the car with independent rear braking, which is allowed in Open class racing, controlled by a fourth extra pedal. The inner rear wheel can be braked during a turn to increase cornering even when on power.

The all carbon body is menacing.

There are so many different manufacturers of these Caterham like cars that I can never tell which one they are.

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