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Photo: Unknown (S14 Silvia & Circuit Life)

Grip S-chassis never get old. I’ve previously written about a FLAT Garage member in the ORANGE S14, here’s the silver S14A K’s Silvia. Both members run a highly detailed blog of their setups and experiences in time attack and circuit racing, their passion towards improving their cars is a real inspiration. The K’s S14A runs a Trust T518Z turboed SR20DET producing just over 400ps. The transmission is a Nismo cross 6-speed transmission, and interestingly he uses the final drive of 3.916 from the AT model (3.692 MT SR20). A spec list can be found here.


7 lap race at the beautiful Sendai Highland circuit and an obligatory time attack lap at Tsukuba Circuit 2000 (1:01.189).

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