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… it was nice owning you.

There is something special about your first car, no matter what it is. I’m please that mine was a Celica.
I will always remember her but there will be details that I may forget, so I decided to photograph the small things that made her great.

But to begin with, here’s my first day with her, sitting in her new home with the soshinoya badges I got her.

Showed some age, but it didn’t matter.

It was such a nice feeling to sit in your very first interior, felt like a new small home.

After two years, many drives, nights out and events, this is how she left me:

The header cover was one of the very first things to come off. A few kgs shaved and new view of the exhaust.

Factory mounted strut bar.

I loved all the manufacturing stamps and safety stickers. One look at the name Denso and a nostalgic feeling from Gran Turismo comes in.

There’s a K&N Replacement Air Filter in there.

The brakes were never any good. Age? Most definitely. They couldn’t take the heat.

Who doesn’t love pop-up headlights? And the frameless glass was a nice touch.

The radiator got replaced soon after I got her, the rust sensitive Copper meant I needed a new one, Aluminium this time.

She started first time, every time.

The 3SGE may have lacked torque but it did the job.

260km/h? A little optimistic.

Power rear view mirrors, that’s what I’m talking about.

The RAZO RA43 Shift Knob, my favourite.

The cup holder was crap so I wanted to delete it and while I was at it I decided to make room for the sleepy-eye switches. Carbon-fiber found in the trash at Uni, it was perfect.

Oh it was.

A cracked exhaust meant that the silencer wasn’t really functional, a bonus as it made it sound amazing.
Here’s a video to remind me:

[vimeo vimeo.com/12063984]

Farewell, it’s sad to think it’ll be a while until I drive something exciting. I hope I don’t have wait too long…

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