Memories: Rally Monza From Way Back

Written by Balang Project

Classic scenario: you come back home after a long time and you start looking through belongings you forgot you owned. That’s when I stumbled upon some photos from Rally Monza that I took when I was a kid with a disposable camera. I must have been less than 10 years old as I have no idea what year it was, I’m gonna ask.


This was one of the first times I’d ever been to Monza and definitely the first I actually remember as my dad has been racing since before I was born. This GC8 is the car he and a friend entered and shared it throughout the event, a pretty normal Group N Impreza.

No Money No Race Club.


The dent on the car due to miscommunication between them, the other driver changed the track of the car without telling my dad. Then when he drove it, at the first corner not expecting the car to handle differently, he span it into the sand track and tipped it onto its side.
This was the first time that Valentino Rossi took part in Rally Monza and he happened to be in the pits next door to us. The Monza garage walls don’t go to the ceiling, so with the help of some spare wheels and some shoulders I watched as Rossi wandered about. I can remember that day so well…


Love at first sight?

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