Sightseeing & Update – A4

Written by Balang Project


This Saturday I’m going to Franciacorta to check out a track day, it’s fairly close and as much as I’d like to go round I’d also like to photograph and see what kind of cars run there.
The Superstars organizers were giving out free tickets for the first round at Monza on Sunday, so naturally I got some. Superstars is an Italian run Super Touring championship and it has an awesome lineup of cars competing. They have to be 4 door and they are generally pretty big, M5s, M3s, Panameras, 300Cs, C63 AMGs, Quattroportes and so on… pretty mean. They also have a GTS championship running along side and it’s a sort of GT2 class.
I borrowed a 300mm lens from a friend so I’ll be able to shoot a few nice photos…

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On my way to Milan I spotted one of the nicest Minis I’ve ever seen. Even though they are very popular here, I still quite like them. It was nicely lowered and the exhaust was loud! When he put his foot down it sounded like a straight through exhaust and it went too! Couldn’t tell what wheels it had but they looked like OZ Superleggera. The front had the usual fog lights which I think are a must.


As I went by I nodded, which I found quite amusing.

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