Nostalgia – A Few Characters

Written by Balang Project

HKS CT230R is just a few characters, and 53.589 are just a few numbers. But they are the most famous in the Time Attack scene.

The 2009 Rev Speed Tsukuba Super Lap Battle is coming soon and nearly every tuner in Japan is or wants to fight for the number one spot. What I love about this event is that it’s quite unpredictable, every year there are new and more impressive entries and it’s hard to tell who has the edge. HKS has been dominating lately but I feel like things are going to change.

This is by far my favorite event of the year and I’ve watched Video Option’s 2007 coverage dozen’s of times. If only there were a broadcast on TV.

In the mean time, enjoy what is (for me), the most epic moment in the Time Attack scene:

(skip to around 5:00 for THE lap)

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