WRC – Comfort is Prohibited

Written by Balang Project

My flat mate’s dad got some weekend passes for the rally has he owns a Citroen car dealership, so on Saturday we decided to head up to one of the stages and experience the magic of rallying.

A 40 minute drive later and well up into the Welsh valleys the weather was looking horrendous. Foggy, cold and raining hard. True Welsh weather at its best.

Here’s what it looked like as we got there:

Trying to walk and climb around the different spots became impossible as I completely forgot about wearing anything suitable on my feet, my poor skate shoes, they were completely submerged in mud up to my ankles a few times.

Apart from the uncomfort the experience was great, the drivers were ridiculously fast and talented. The noise these cars make is amazing, the mud flying everywhere and spraying your face, fantastic!

It was also great to see the top drivers fly by, you can really tell they’re pushing.

I’m incredibly pleased that Loeb is champion once again.

The cars were flying by at full revs in final gear after this straight, you could stand dangerously close:

You can see what kind of road conditions these guys had to go at full pace through…

Alot of drivers got their front bumpers smashed on this corner, not this Scooby…

All in all the experience was great and without all the mud and rain it wouldn’t have been a real Welsh rally… I’ll most probably return next year…

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