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Another bloody FT-86 blog, sorry… but I’ve come to love this car.

It’s hard to make a sequel to the one of the greatest cars in Japanese history, but from what we see here it could live up to the Hachi-Roku name.

It’s about time Toyota came back into the sports car sector and with an FR machine.

At 4160mm in length it’s actually 40mm shorter than the original. A little wider at 1760mm and 1260mm tall.

The Flash Red colour has a hint of blue in it apparently.

The engine is a D-4S 2.0 Turbo boxer, which has been moved as far up the car as possible to give a better weight distribution. The D-4 is Toyota’s direct injection system previously seen on Toyota’s Diesel D-4D cars, the S in this case stands for Superior. The system works by combining direct injection with port injection giving the engine 2 injectors per cilinder, each injector will be used according to how the engine is being driven.

The wheels on the FT-86 Concept car are 19″, but I very much doubt they will remain on the production version.

ADVICS brakes, Denso Corporation.

The power is transferred through good ‘ol 6-speed Manual, the Hachi Roku could never have a flappy paddle or what not.

The interior is stunning, futuristic yet somewhat feasible. Notice the zipped up cover for the radio, and what looks like a zip for the CD tray.

The detail is stunning.

This is my new favourite car and if I had the money I would snatch it right up as soon as it hit the showroom floor. There will be plenty of aftermarket support and I cannot wait until top tuners like HKS, Top Secret, JUN get hold of some.

Some Gran Turismo:


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