Hot Import Nights VI – Part 2

Written by Balang Project

Now onto the reason why I went to see this show, the drifting. Even though the course that they layed out in a car park was tight and small it was nice to see Team General Lee and the Italian champ drifting and taking a look at their cars.

There was hardly any JDM cars at the show and the only one that wasn’t riced out completely was this Suzuki Swift ( I didn’t even check if it was the Sport).

The two cars running were both 3 series E36 with what sounded like M3 engines.
(Sorry for the douche in the way…)

The one on the left is driven by Emanuele Festival, he was the Italian SuperDrift Series champion in 2006, 2007 and 2008.

A look at the interior, it’s interesting how these two drivers with very similar cars run different setups in the interior. Emanuele’s hand brake is placed to the right of the gear shift and out of the way while the other car as you will see further down has it right next to the steering wheel for quick access.

The other car was driven by Alberto Cona. His car seemed much less modified as he was still running glass windows all round and it even had remote locking?!

These pictures make me happy, camber WTF.

There were two other cars in there pit area on display that were pretty awesome.

A classic Hill Climb style Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione (a long name but worth saying)…

And a tuned rally Renault Clio. I have no idea what sort of events these cars take part in and to tell you the truth it didn’t cross my mind at the time.
And YES she is the driver… I heard her complaining how the guys instead of going easy on her, go purposefully in her way to make it harder. Brilliant.

The engine was fully built by the man of which you can only see his trousers.

That’s it from this event, expect me not to visit an expo show anytime soon unless there’s something good.

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